People and Organization

Our Expertise

Culture is the self-sustaining patterns of behaviors and mindsets that determine how work gets done in organizations. Many business leaders understand that culture plays an important role in business performance, but most struggle to align culture with strategy and fully harness this power. We help clients work with and within their existing cultures to drive long-term performance. Our emphasis on a critical few behaviors over mindsets is what differentiates our approach.
We work with clients to connect the dots between business strategy and people with the goal of having the right people, with the right skills, in the right places, at the right time and for the right cost. Our unique methodology ties the analysis of organization and workforce into the talent strategy and planning, connecting recruiting, talent development, mobility and other talent processes to the workforce plan.

We work with clients to support all aspects of their talent acquisition strategies, including recruitment function transformation and data analytics to better understand and predict recruitment/talent acquisition needs, recruitment process outsourcing, and recruiting tactics such as gamification.


We believe quality of leadership can be improved by investing in it. The education, experience, skills, training, intelligence, wisdom, and abilities of leaders at all levels of companies have a significant economic value for shareholders and for the economy as a whole. These resources are the total managerial capacity of the company that represents a form of wealth which can be directed to accomplish the purpose of the company. Simply put; average leaders produce below the average results.

Teams are a flexible and efficient way to enhance organizational performance. Clients can utilize the power of disciplined teaming to further strategic objectives. Our experience and approach on leadership development and high performing teams have helped many clients succeed across a wide range of business problems and industries.
Alexion Partners helps clients excel in people and organization in several ways:

• Human Capital Transformation
• Organization Design
• Corporate Culture
• Leadership Training and Development
• Talent Management
• Wage and Salary Systems
• Executive Coaching

Global Talent Management

Through our Alexion Global Talents division we recruit international professionals for our clients. We believe international teams are asset: By recruiting talent globally, employers not only bring highly qualified employees to their companies, but also with their new approaches and their experience of other cultural backgrounds, qualified international professionals enrich the corporate culture.
By searching new employees beyond national borders, we cover our clients’ needs for skilled labor with qualified international talent. By the same token, via our contacts in more than twenty countries, we help international talents succeed in other countries, especially in Germany and EU, through our large network of employers in need of bright candidates. We provide support for immigration procedures and onboarding assistance in the new career destination.

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